Boo Dog Film's latest project is our biggest and boldest yet! In the summer of 2012 we began production of Richard 3, a comedic adaptation of William Shakespeare's Richard III.

We will be creating a feature-length comedy adapted from the Oddfellow Theater's live performance. This was one of the most successful productions at the Oddfellow Theater and it received rave reviews from both the press and audiences alike - the Portland Phoenix called the production "comedic genius".

We shot on ten locations throughout Maine from Fort Popham in Phippsburg, with over 50 extras and actors to the former St Patrick's Church in Lewiston with over 200.

Our crew was small, consisting of two sound engineers, three production assistants, a prop and set manager, our costumer and Jay Childs the Director of Photography, but our teamwork was incredible and it made shooting efficient and affordable.

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